Police brutality on law students: “We behave like we don’t use our brains well” – Rawlings


Former President Jerry Rawlings has condemned the police brutality against some demonstrating law students who were affected by the mass law school entrance exam failure a few weeks ago.

The students took to the streets after on 128 of 1,820 of them passed the entrance exam.

They were confronted with rubber bullets and water cannons by the police.

During a call on him by a delegation of the Ghana Journalists Association on Thursday, 31 October 2019 to invite him for the 70th-anniversary celebration of the organisation, Mr Rawlings used the opportunity address the mass failure issue, saying the General Legal Council cannot blame the students for it.

In the former President’s view, such mass failures risks destroying the future of the youth, and “by destroying merit, you are killing the fire of idealism in the youth.”

Mr Rawlings was unhappy about the way the police handled the students when they demonstrated on the matter.

According to him, “We are behaving like we don’t use our brains well” as a nation, looking at how some things are done in the country.


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