Former IGP outlines causes of Berekum underdeveloped


A former Ambassador to Israel, a former Inspector General of Police (IGP), a former Director of immigration and currently a Council of State Member who doubles as the Berekum Mawarehene, Nana Owusu Nsiah has cautioned the people of Berekum who accused him of not bringing development to Berekum and sometimes go to extent of insulting him to be mindful.

Nana pointed out that he’s not responsible for bringing development to Berekum but rather the political heads who have been appointed by the government and the representative of the people in parliament.

He emphasised that the underdevelopment of Berekum can be attributed to successive political heads and indeed the present leaders, though he admits the about 20 years long chieftaincy dispute might have played a role in the predicaments of Berekum since there was no proper oversight by Nananom during the period.

“I feel pity when I hear people insulting me, but I am not the agent for Berekum development though I continue to lobby, however, none of the political leaders has approached me for any assistance except Berekum West District Chief Executive, Hon. Isaac Osei has been coming to me for aid”, he lamented. He, however, cautioned that citizens should rather focus on what they can do to bring development and inculcate a cooperative spirit to help develop Berekum rather than raining insults on him and other citizens of Berekum in higher positions.

He assured that he will do whatever is in his power to use his influence in helping the citizens and lobbying for development for Berekum, but the agents of development, that is the Municipal and District Chief Executives and the MPs should take the lead since that’s their responsibility.

Nana revealed that he has and continues to use his influence in helping citizens of Berekum in getting jobs and other amenities for the community and indeed has personally visited the roads Minister several times in the quest to see Berekum roads take shape.

He emphasized that the bickering, name-calling and insults won’t bring development. “We should all be united to help build and correct the havoc that has already been caused”, he added. Nana also cautioned that Berekum development is not a ‘tug of war’, thus political appointee’s should avail themselves to us and we will see development in Berekum.

He disclosed all these at a press conference in his residence at Berekum on 10th November 2019. He finally urges all to see ourselves as one people with a common interest and stop the blaming game to help develop Berekum because we have lost the golden city we all knew.

Source: Berekumcity


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