A/R: Trotro app launched to solve transportation problems


An on-demand transport service application, Trotro app, was on Monday, 2 December 2019 launched in Kumasi, Ashanti Region.

Tricycle, keke, okada, hearse, SUV, limousine, van, trailer and truck services are on the app.

This is to enable clients who sign up on the e-platform get easy access to 18 different transport services.

It is currently on IOS and Android.

The innovator of the app, Mr Samuel Kankam-Boateng told Class News’ Maxwell Attah at the launch that Ghanaians must innovate to solve their own problems.

“We know the local problems; it’s going to take only Ghanaians to solve the Ghanaian-type of problem. The foreigners, when they come here, they can only bring in what they do over there”, Mr Kankam-Boateng said.

He said Ghanaians have the upper hand in solving their own problems since they live with and experience those issues.

Drivers who sign up for the app are charged 20 per cent and given a refund of two per cent as investment.

Mr Kankam-Boateng explained: “We realised that we need to support them, so, out of the 20 per cent that we charge the drivers, we’re giving back two percent in the form of investments and this will go a long way because a lot of the time, when the car owners take the vehicles from these drivers, it leaves them with nothing; that means they have nothing to fall on when their kids get sick, when they need to pay school fees; there’s absolutely nothing for them so this investment is something like a fallback plan, it’s going to be like a Plan B for them.”


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