Dormaa East: DCE inaugurates Agric Mechanization center at Wamfie


An Agric Mechanization Center has been commissioned at Wamfie in the Dormaa East District of the Bono Region to provide farm mechanization services to farmers to boost agricultural production and also help relieve them of the drudgery in farming.

The initiative forms part of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) to boost food production in the country.

DCE, Emmanuel Kofi Agyemang

The District Chief Executive, (DCE) Emmanuel Kofi Agyemang, in brief remarks said the mechanization center will give a massive boost to Agriculture, which is the mainstay of Dormaa East.

The Dormaa East Mechanization Center at Wamfie is equipped with Maize Shellers, Hoses for Irrigation, Motorized Sprayers, ploughs, Irrigation Tiller Heads and Tractors among others.

The services Center will render and make farming activities from tillage to harvesting easier. This is in line with promoting government’s flagship programmes like the planting for food and jobs and planting for export and rural development in the Dormaa East area.

A boost in agricultural production would in turn create a sustainable raw material base for the facilitation of the one district one factory initiative and in the long run help build a Ghana beyond aid.

In an interview with Radio Ghana, the DCE of Dormaa East, Emmanuel Kofi Agyemang said the establishment of the center will make farming activities easy for farmers in the district and its environs.

He encouraged farmers to form Farmer Based Organizations (FBOs) to share the cost of hiring the machines.

“There are a lot faming activities that are done manually and with the establishment of this center, farmers in Dormaa East District will have machines to do those activities they have doing manually but what we are encouraging our farmers to do is that, they have to form a Farmer Base Organizations (FBOs) so that the cost could be shared”.

“There are some areas of the district that if you’ve to come all the way from a place like Abroso, even the transportation fee could be very expensive and the fuel that the machine will use to get could also be expensive but if they have FBOs it means that the cost could be shared among them and President Akufo-Addo vision of establishing such a center in our district could be realized because his vision is that farmers will prosper through this center”.

Mr. Emmanuel Kofi Agyemang said the initiative will boost food production in the Dormaa East District.

Mr. Daniel Acquah who is in charge of the Center, run by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) for his part said, the Agricultural machines have come at the right time to help farmers increase productivity.

“This machine will help farmers because when you look at the Akuafo Pa in Cheremasu it is training the youth to go into farming so it has come at the right time to help farmers”.

The occasion was also used to distribute business start-up items valued at 27, 000 Ghana Cedis to 13 persons with disability in the district.

This brings to 230 persons with disability supported by the Assembly.

The items include; Freezers, Ice Chest and stabilizers.


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