Dormaahene visits Ancestral Homes


The Paramount Chief and Odeneho Akosua Fima II, Queen mother of Dormaa, Nananom and people of Dormaa have today paid a historic visit to Boma, Abesim, Tepa and Old Abesim to perform rituals in the Bono Region.

The historic visit form part of the Kwafie Festival and the 20th Anniversary Celebrations of the Enstlooment of Osagyefo Oseadeeyo Agyeman Badu II.

The people of Dormaa are of the Aduana Clan and were originally part of the Akwamu Kingdom during the 17th Century.

About 1600 after the death of Nana Sasraku, the then Akwamuhene, a serious dispute arose over the election of his successor.

The people of Dormaa left Akwamu and settled at Awanwenso due to chieftaincy dispute and later moved to Nyanase, Asantemanso,Esumegya, Kwaaman and Sunterso in the Ashanti Region.

Nananom later moved to Boma, Abesim, Kyriaa, Amasu and eventually dispersed to cover the large area which they now occupy as Dormaa Man (Dormaa State).

Barima Dei Kusi Gyabaa II, Ankobeahene spoke to Atinka News on the historic visit by people and Nananom of Dormaa.

Watch videos below:

Source: Atinkaonline


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