Video: Strategic ways of saving money during Christmas


Financial Strategist, Bright Joseph Tay, has proposed strategic ways of saving money while making Christmas expenditures.

In an interview with Paul Anomah-Kordieh on eTV Ghana’s Live Chat with Paul, he educated that the first thing to do before beginning to make expenses for Christmas is to draw a budget.

‘’You have to budget for whatever you want to spend for Christmas. Know how much you want to spend and what you want to spend that amount for. If you don’t plan for it, there’s the likelihood that you will over-spend’’, he said.

After drawing the budget, the next thing to do is to buy items in bulk. He added, ‘’Think of buying your things in bulk and not in pieces because the bulkier you buy, the lesser the price. Buy your items so you can get it at a reduced price. Until you get it at a reduced price, you’re not saving any money.

Mr. Bright went on to advise on the need to bargain for discounts saying, ‘’If you want to buy, you can look out for shops that are offering discounts, then, if it fits into your budget, you buy’’.

By following these strategies, he assures that people are certain to save money while making their expenses during this Christmas season.



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