Results: Hon. Aponkye loses Assembly elections


Celebrity aspirant in the District Assembly and unit committee elections,  Nana Adabor Ibrahim Issah Ampim, aka Aponkye has failed secure the seat as Assembly member for Adukrom Nima electoral area in the Ashanti Region.

Aponkye who is famous for making promises such as free breakfast and free Bio-gas Toilets for all electorates when voted into power, lost to Abdul Rashid who secured 1056 out of the total vote cast representing 40%.

Hon. Aponkye pulled 234 votes representing 9% of the total votes.

Speaking exclusively to Atinka News’ Ashanti Regional Correpondent, Osei Tutu, Hon. Aponkye expressed displeasure in how “unknown” hands manipulated the results of the elections.

He noted that he does not accept the results of the elections and will soon file a case in the Supreme Court to seek redress.


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