NPP delegates in Jaman North urged to retain incumbent MP


Mr Yaya Trawule, the Assemblyman for Shiekomblo Electoral Area in the Jaman North District of the Bono Region has appealed to New Patriotic Party delegates to retain Mr Stevens Siaka, the incumbent Member of Parliament (MP) to lead the party in Election 2020.
     As the NPP prepares for its constituency primaries scheduled April  25, this year, he said Mr Siaka who is the Deputy Bono Regional Minister had the capability to retain the seat.
      He warned it would be politically suicidal for the NPP if the delegates failed to give the Deputy Minister another mandate to contest the Parliamentary seat
      In an interview with Journalists at Sampa, the Jaman North District capital on Monday, Mr Trawule observed the constituency had remained a stronghold of the opposition National Democratic Congress since 1992, and reminded delegates it was the incumbent MP who led the party to snatch the seat from the NDC in 2012.
     He emphasised through hard work, the MP had sell and made the NPP and President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s government popular which would subsequently translate into votes in Election 2020 and make the NPP maintain the constituency seat and win the presidential ballot as well.
     Mr Trawule pointed out the constituency had witnessed an unprecedented record of development in areas of education and health sectors, while the water situation had also been improved under President Akufo-Addo’s government.
     He indicated that the MP had facilitated construction and completion of educational and health infrastructural projects in the district saying the Nafana and Sumaman Senior High Schools had benefited from dormitories, sanitary facilities and classroom blocks.
     Mr Trawule said through assistance from the MP almost all the basic schools in the area had benefited from teaching and learning materials, classroom blocks, toilets and computers.
     He said the water system in the area had also improved as the MP had constructed several mechanised boreholes to provide potable drinking water for the people.
     Adadiem, Duadaso, Mayera and Kokosua communities have benefited from clinics and Community-based Health and Planning Service (CHPS) compounds, while Asuokoa, Adadiem, Kokoa, and Jamera communities had all benefited from mechanised boreholes.
     The MP is also putting up 10 hand pumps in deprived communities, he said and added that lighting and water systems in Seketia, Goka, Sampa and Adadiem had seen drastic improvements.
      Mr John Komoh, the Jaman North constituency Organiser of the NPP said the party in the constituency had grown from strength to strength, stressing that because of the level of development brought to the area, the voting pattern would favour in NPP in the next general election.
     He observed that it would be extremely difficult for the party to retain the constituency seat if delegates failed to elect the incumbent MP, and implored them to vote for the MP in the supreme interest of the NPP.
     Mr Komoh added that was the surest way the NPP could retain the seat and win the presidential ballot as well.


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