Say ‘No’ to NDC and give Nana Addo 4 more years – Ahafo Regional Minister


The Member of Parliament for Asunafo North Constituency, who doubles as the Ahafo Regional Minister, Evans Opoku Bobie made this statement in a community engagement at Fawohoyeden and its conurbations under the Asunafo North.

The MP urged the people of the above mentioned community to keep on supporting the ruling NPP government and vote massively for president Akufo-Addo in the December elections.

Mr Bobie was excited when the community expressed their happiness and appreciated the current government for the implementation of cocoa pollination exercise, pruning programme and intensifying cocoa mass spraying for them.

The traditional leaders accepted that these farming policies have really helped them and created a lot of employment for the teaming youth in the community thereby reducing hardship.

Bobie charged them to say a big ‘NO’ to the opposition NDC lies and fabrications because they brought an untold hardship to the people of Ghana.

President Akufo-Addo has assuaged Ghanaians from the road of tattered penury through his social interventions policies and programmes.

The famous Free SHS has become a great asset to this sovereign nation.

The Ahafo Regional Minister remembered them of how former president John Dramani Mahama deceived them, citing the failure to construct the Akrodie-Asumura road as reference.

Bobie emphasized on underlying essential idea that, the people of Asunafo North and the Ahafo Region have no iota of alibi than to eulogise Akufo-Addo for awarding Akrodie-Asumura road and other major roads in the region.

He assured them of the successful completion of a nurses quarters he is constructing for them.

The construction of those roads have wiped away the poignant of commuters.

The community entreated every tom, dick and harry who have the opportunity to determine who becomes NPP parliamentary candidate in the Asunafo North should vote for Bobie for the second time for his good representation.


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