I am not a sexy man, my style is crazy-King Ayisoba


Ghanaian Traditional Musician, popularly known for his unique style of music alongside the kologo, King Ayisoba, born Albert Apoozore has stated that he does not need to be sexy to be a successful musician.

According to him, his style of music is not the ‘lazy’ type and therefore he puts in all he can to ensure it goes out well to his fans and audience as a whole.“I am not a lazy man so when I work I put in my all. I am not a sexy man, I am not romantic, my style is crazy, and I perform as such, I do not have to be romantic to do my kind of music,” he said.

King Ayisoba made the comments when he joined Atinka Radio on the Atinka Drive Talk, hosted by Atinka Media Village’s (AMV) Dj, Candy Man and Co-host, Rosy on Valentines Day.

Although some Ghanaian musicians might be very popular, King Ayisoba said he does not like ‘noisy’ music and therefore does not listen to their music.

However, he stated that he preferred to listen to musicians including Wiyaala, Atongo, Sherifa, Obrafour, Daddy Lumba, and Sarkodie, adding clearly that he does not like Patapaa’s ‘one corner’.“I do not know a lot of Ghanaian musicians..I do not listen to most of them because their music is not the kind of music I like. I listen to music that advice, but something like one corner I don’t like. I have children and so I have to listen to good music so that they can also learn from it,” he said.

King Ayisoba made mention of his upcoming programme, the Batakari Night which will be held at Kantamanto in Accra on February 28th 2020 and at Corner Bar in Osu, on March 1st, 2020.

According to him, that which will be held at Kantamanto would be free at the entrance whiles that of Osu will charge GHC50 per person.Meanwhile, he also stated that he will not campaign for any political party if he is asked to.King Ayisoba explained that he will perform on any of their platforms but will not campaign for any of them, adding that those who think performing on a political platform means endorsing the political party have ‘small brains’.“I will perform on their platforms, but I wont campaign for any political party. Those who think performing at their programmes means endorsing them have small brains. I am doing my work, so if some party calls I wont say no, I need money in my pocket,” he added.

Source: Atinkaonline


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