New voters’ register: Go to Supreme Court if you disagree with EC -Kufour


Former President John Agyekum Kufour has urged individuals, organisations and political parties that do not agree with  the Electoral Commission’s (EC) decision to compile a new voters’ register to resort to court and not take the law into their own hands.

To those who are  protesting  the decision, he said they have the right to protest but, should be done in a peaceful manner in order not to create any any incident that will mar  with the peace of others.

Mr John Kufour made the comments when the Mass Action Committee (MAC), a civil society organization made up of people from different walks of our national life including academia, entrepreneurs, political and social activists, traders, farmers among others paid a courtesy call on him at his residence Wednesday.

He noted that the Constitution mandates the EC to do its work independently especially concerning elections and therefore must not be dictated  to by political parties, individuals, civil society organisations although it works in the interests of all.

“If you disagree with the EC on the compilation of the new voters’ register, then go to the supreme court and present your case to them. If you do not go this way, it means that whatever you do, you do it against the Constitution,” he said.

He added that,”If you go to the EC to protest and prevent it from carrying its duties, it means that you are rather breaking the laws of the country and infringing on the democracy that we have. You can protest, but by doing so, do it in the confines of the law. Let us make our points known, but by doing so let us not do anything that will break the laws.”

Making the appeal to the EX-President, the Executive Secretary of Mass Action Committee, Mr Atik Mohammed said the organisation observed that many of the equipment that house the data at the data center are End -of- Life (EOL), in other words, they have become obsolete.

The organisation also noticed that the warranties for the equipment in the data center and the licenses for the softwares have also expired, therefore underscoring the need to support the EC on the new voters’ register.

“We are here to tell you that the EC has a case to go for a new register and we as a civil society organisation are supporting that. We are here to appeal to you to encourage Ghanaians to allow the electoral commission do its work,” he said.

He added that,”Ghanaians have earned the rights to decide who becomes the president and who becomes their MP, and the license to exercising that right is having a voter ID card, and that can only be done if you get registered. And so we are here to appeal to you, to encourage as many Ghanaians as posible to come out and be part of this process.
And that let us all do so in an atmosphere of peace in order to deepen Ghana’s democracy.”


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