Sunyani: NADMO Director gives NDC’s Charles Akowuah 3-day ultimatum to retract comments


The Bono,Bono East and Ahafo Regional NADMO Director, Konlaabig Rasheed, has given the NDC Bono Regional Communication Director, Charles Akowuah Tuffour a three -day ultimatum to retract some comments he allegedly made concerning some motorbikes distributed to Municipal/Districts.

Mr Konlaabig Rasheed at a press conference in Sunyani on 17th Feb. 2020, demands an unqualified apology and retraction of the said comments which he described as false.

According to Mr Konlaabig Rasheed, Charles Akowuah Tuffour, Regional Communication Director of NDC, organised a Press conference on Wednesday 12th Feb. 2020, on a caption NADMO Motorbikes For Sale At Ghc800.00 Each ,which was published on social media and other media platforms and aired on some FM stations.

“At the said press conference, Mr Charles Akowuah Tuffour, made some allegations against me as the Regional Director of NADMO,Bono Regional concerning some motorbikes distributed to Municipal/Districts of the three regions namely Bono, Bono East and Ahafo” he stated.

He said “the motorbikes were not for sale as claimed by the NDC regional Communication Director, and no brand new motorbike could be sold at GHc800.00”.

“The amount of money being paid by the 29 Municipal /Districts of Bono,Bono East and Ahafo region was GHc880.00 and not 800.00 as stated by NDC Regional Comm. Director, and the GHc880.00 charges from the Municipal /Districts Directors were meant for the Transportation,Assembly and Registration of the 47 motorbikes and not for my personal gain” he said.

Mr Konlaabig Rasheed, also said the amount was to be paid from the Municipal /Districts impress and not the Directors pockets.

“ The said chrges were directives from NADMO Headquarters and not Regional Directorate initiative,meanwhile PRO of the NADMO Head Office had confirmed it in an interview with Peace FM. And no motorbike is under my custody as claimed by NDC”.

“The press release was not published on an official letterhead of the party and I wish to ascertain the vlidity of the press conference. Should the party and I ties with the said release they should come out to denounce this release or accordingly be ready to face the law” he added.

“I will take legal action, If the NDC Bono Regional Communication Director, Charles Akowuah Tuffour, failed to render apology and retraction of the said comments” he concluded.

Source: Metro 90.5 Fm/Sunyani


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