March declared ‘Wear Ghana Month’


The National Commission on Culture [NCC], Street Fashion Train and Associations of Small Scale Industries have set aside the month of March as ‘Wear Ghana’ Month.

This initiative is to promote Ghana’s cloth culture and heritage by encouraging Ghanaians to wear Made in Ghana clothes and other fashion accessories that are produced locally for both corporate and social functions.

The objective of the programme is to promote the local textile industry and reward creativity in Ghana’s fashion and beauty industry.

As part of the programme, the National Commission on Culture [NCC], Street Fashion Train and Associations of Small Scale Industries have lined up activities to be carried out during the month of March.

“There are a lot of activities during the Wear Ghana Month (MARCH) such as; Float, Fashion and Beauty Show, Exhibitions, Fun trips (to visit tourist site) and Ghana Fashion and Beauty Day (AWARDS).”

In a statement, the two bodies appealed to all well-meaning Ghanaians, especially the youth to join forces to help promote the ‘Wear Ghana’ campaign in the month of March.

“March is declared as Wear Ghana Month in Ghana. During Wear Ghana Month, we encourage every Ghanaian in respective of your location in this world to Wear anything produced in Ghana and use our authentic beauty product.

“The Month of March is Fashion and Beauty Tourist destination Month in Ghana. Individuals and corporate bodies that are interested in our authentic Made-In-Ghana Fashion and Beauty Products should come to Ghana during the month of March.

“You can buy things relatively cheaper than normal days in the Wear Ghana Month (MARCH). This is to help build the Fashion and Beauty Industry and also create a business hub.”

The ‘Wear Ghana’ Month is supported by Nkulenu and ABC Golden Larger.

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