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The National Democratic Congress ( NDC), Agona West, has shockingly taken notice of a Facebook post of the MP for Agona West and Minister of Gender and Social Protection, Hon Cynthia Mamle Morrison, on Thursday 6th February, 2020 at exactly 14: 24 GMT ostensibly taking credit for the continuation of the asphaltic overlay in Agona Swedru, which is the brainchild of Mahama Government.

On 24th September, 2016, Agona Swedru began to witness for the first time and benefit from the John Mahama Govt policy to asphalt all Metropolitan and Municipal Capitals In Ghana, which commenced in 2015. The programme, was being financed by the Brazilian government through Societe Generale Group.

Laudable and refreshing as it was, Hon Cynthia Mamle Morrison who was the NPPs PC for Agona West and her hirelings ridiculed and pooh poohed it and forcefully posited inter alia that “we don’t eat roads”, that it’s election year gimmick and also that it is a misplaced priority because the youths needed jobs and also that market women and drivers were suffering, so, despite the asphalt that Hon Obeng Inkoom lobbied tirelessly to bring to Agonaman, he should be voted out. The rest they say is history.

It is worthy of note that, the asphalting nonetheless continued unabated and places like Assisim, Ankyease-Nkubease, Otabilkrom, Nkubeim Junction to Major Sam Bypass, Wawase, Police Charge Office to Abooso, 9”9 Junction to Mandela Market etc benefitted from the policy and continue to do though there still remains some works to be done.

Three years into power, the NPP Government of President Akufo Addo never deemed it necessary to continue the asphalting until some aggrieved Driver’s embarked on a peaceful demonstration on 4th November, 2019 to agitate over the suspension of the asphalt contract whilst their roads continue to deteriorate, this otherwise peaceful demonstration led to the arrest, detention, prosecution and remand of 32 Driver’s, [] allegedly on the instructions of Hon Cynthia Morrison. Again, the rest they say is history.

It suffice to add that, it took the instrumentality and intervention of the NDC PC, Comrade Paul as he’s affectionately called to secure the freedoms of this innocent Driver’s who were only acting as responsible and active citizens to rightly demand for our fair share of the National cake.

There was yet another mammoth demonstration by Concerned Youths of Agona Swedru on 27th November, 2019 [] after the MP had failed contrary to previous assurances to keep to her promise of bringing the contractors back to the roads

So, if today, 6th February, 2020, the same contractor engaged by the NDC Govt has been impressed upon and begged to come and continue the roads to save the face of the government, that’s fair and fine and we welcome that, but it smacks of the highest form of hypocrisy and double standards for the MP and her apparatchiks to expect the good people of Agonaman to applaud and appreciate her when she failed to accord her predecessor the same courtesy.

The following questions however beg for answers;

1. What was the motive behind suspension of the contract?

2. What’s the outcome of the investigations after 3yrs and using tax payers money for the audit?

3. Was anyone indicted?

4. If yes, why not arrest and prosecute the culprit(s)?

5. If No, why not come out to apologize to the NDC and Agonaman for deceiving and misleading us instead of taking credit for wasting our time and tax payers money?

Finally, we respectfully ask again, can we now eat roads? Are we not in an election year? Are Driver’s not suffering? Are the youths not suffering? Are Market women not suffering? What has suddenly changed? Should

Agonaman also vote you out for the same reasons you ask that your predecessor be voted out?

Never again must we allow ourselves to be misled, deceived and denigrated by politicians without principles and conscience.

God bless the NDC!

God bless Agonaman!!

God bless our homeland, Ghana!!!



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