Coronavirus: My research team will come out with something very positive soon- Safo Kantanka


Safo Kantanka has finally touched on Ghana’s coronavirus and his plans for the country of his birth.

Many people are falling on Kantanka and his family to touch on matters bothering Ghana’s economy and citizens currently.

Some are pushing for him to devise technologies or medicine that can cure the disease.

Finally, he has taken to Twitter to disclose his plans and the way forward.

According to him, his researchers are working around the clock to get a cure for the disease.

He was very sure of achieving a positive result soon.

Read his tweets below:

“My research team is working around the clock to come out with something very positive for this Covid-19. We should be able to do something about this. This isn’t bigger than we as Ghanaians. Remember to wash your hands. Sanitize and protect yourself.”

We pray he gets a cure for the deadly disease that has shot up from 27 to 52 at the moment.

See The Screenshot Below:



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