Sunyani Traditional Council to embark on massive Decongestion exercise to lessen human traffic


The Sunyani Traditional Council (STC) has taken over from city authorities the responsibility of decongesting and keeping the Sunyani Town clean in order to forge discipline and ensure enhanced hygiene within the city.

To that effect, the Council would soon undertake massive decongestion exercise to lessen human and vehicular traffic in the township.

The STC, presided by Nana Bosoma Asor Nkrawri II, the Paramount Chief of Sunyani, said it would ensure all unauthorised structures springing up in the Bono Regional capital were razed, while traders selling at unauthorised places were removed.

In that regard the Council has formed a ‘traditional taskforce’ that would be going round to ensure residents cooperated with it.

It has, accordingly, given a two-day ultimatum, effective Wednesday, April 1 to all traders and market women selling at unlawful places along the streets of the capital to vacate or face force eviction.

Addressing a news conference in Sunyani, the council noted Sunyani was fast developing, and as the custodian of Sunyani lands, it would not sit unconcern, if the city authorities could not bring sanity in the town.

“We have already met with the Sunyani Municipal Assembly, and the Motor Traffic and Transport Department and the Council is going to ensure all traders move from unauthorised places in the city while commercial drivers also load passengers at certified lorry stations,” said Nana Osei Kyeretwie Duako, the Adomakomahene of Sunyani and member of the STC.

“We will deploy our own men to the city and any driver or trader who failed to comply with us would be arrested and fined by the Council. We are not trying to intimidate residents, but if the Assembly and politicians can’t enforce discipline we Nananom can do that.”

“I assure you all that Nananom are not going to entertain political interferences, the city belongs to us and we would use our traditional powers to maintain discipline in Sunyani as the city grows.”

He stressed that, from Wednesday April 1, 2020, no commercial vehicle would be allowed to load passengers or park around the NIB, ECO Bank, Joe Bennet Pharmacy, Drop in and Greenlight Pharmacy areas, while all traders and market women along the Area two one-way were expected to move to the Nana Bosoma Central market.

Nana Duako noted though condition at the Central Market was not all the best and that the Council had directed the Municipal Assembly to improve sanitary situation and lighting systems at the place to make life comfortable for the traders.

He said the Council would not allow particularly dealers in second hand clothing and footwear who crowded and sold in the Central Business District on Sundays to operate anymore, saying their activities were causing serious human and vehicular traffic jam in the city.
“We would also enforce to ensure that any person who littered around the city was apprehended and fined to keep Sunyani clean,” he warned.




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