E/R: GJA distributes locally made nose masks to journalists


The Eastern Regional chapter of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) has distributed 50 pieces of locally manufactured nose masks to some media personnel in the region to protect themselves from contracting the deadly coronavirus.

A deputy Regional Surveyor at the Eastern Regional Lands Commission, Nana Domena Antwi-Berko and his friends donated the nose masks to the Association.

The masks, made from African prints, is said to be reusable as they can be washed with detergent and dried.

The Association said on Tuesday that it is working to secure another batch of nose masks to support frontline journalists leading the coverage and safety campaign on Covid-19 in Ghana.

Chairman of the Eastern GJA  Maxwell Kudekor , said “we believe that journalists are part of the  foremost frontliners in the Covid-19 management and safety campaign hence need the requisite support to work.”

The Eastern Regional chair of the Ghana Medical Association, Dr Arko Akoto Apaw underscored the need for people to protect themselves from contracting the virus and particularly advised all to wear face masks which he said will soak fluids from mouth and prevent droplets.

He indicated that there is a short supply of surgical masks in the country for health personnel for which reason people may not get access to that protective gear for daily use.



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