Rawlings Easter Message: Pain, Sacrifice vital to Covid-19 fight


Former President Jerry Rawlings is urging all to endure the challenges imposed by Covid-19, adhere to lockdown and hygience protocols so we can rid the society of the pandemic.

Here is Rawlings message at Easter.

As we enter into the period of Easter I wish to extend the spirit of peace, love and goodwill to all Ghanaians in these onerous times.

Easter is about the sacrifice Christ had to endure for humanity. As we observe the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ, we must acknowledge that pain and sacrifice are essential ingredients in overcoming every challenge.

For the first time in the lives of many of us, we have to spend Easter at home devoid of the Church services, family outings, get-togethers and Easter Monday festivities.

Let us use this period for thorough introspection and dedicate ourselves to doing what is right for God, humanity and country.

Let us adhere strictly to the restrictions imposed by the lockdown and let us maintain good sanitation and hygiene habits and social distancing directives as we commit to combatting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some seem not to appreciate the severity of the pandemic and are failing woefully to respect the social distancing restrictions and the stay-at-home directives. We need not allow this virus to spread into our communities. It will spread if we fail to be disciplined and stay at home.

During this period, let us also remember our brothers and sisters who are less privileged by supporting them with food and shelter. I also urge corporate institutions and all Ghanaians who can afford so to support government’s efforts to stem the spread of the virus by donating generously in cash or kind to the COVID-19 Trust Fund.

I wish all Ghanaians an Easter period full of reflection, love, peace and generosity. Let us combat this challenge together drawing on our reserves of unity, patriotism and goodwill.

God bless us all!


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