W/R: Woman, two children die in fire on Good Friday


A 30-year-old woman and her two children on Friday,10 April 2020 lost their lives in a fire outbreak at New Takoradi in the Western Region.

According to sources, the fire started when some persons were filling a container with premix fuel while some other person was cooking on a coal pot also close to the bathroom where the woman who had gone to take her bath with her two children.

The children were aged 1 year and the other 8months.

Fire razed through the structure in which they were, resulting in their death.

Confirming the incident, Western Regional Fire Commander, ACFO Gaddiel Ebonyi said: ““Gallons of petrol are here, and they were pouring the petrol to another container and there was also a coal pot of fire somebody was cooking behind it. In a situation like this, there is no way the two can exist without the fire not coming into contact with that fuel.

“So it is the business they were transacting that brought the fire. It is simply not good for petrol to be kept in the house, the best way is to get the fuel from the filling station. According to them, they also do some mixing which could be done at the sea shore.”

He advised residents of the area against hoarding petrol at home although the area is a fishing community.

“So hoarding petrol in the house is not advisable at all. Please we should all stop doing things like that so we can protect our families,” ACFO Gaddiel Ebonyi said.


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