Akuffo Addo’s leadership will see us through COVID-19 – Ghana’s Ambassador to China


Ghana’s ambassador to China, H.E Edward Boateng has stated in clear terms that President Nana Akuffo Addo’s clear and firm leadership will be a major fighting factor against the COVID-19 outbreak in Ghana.

According to him, the President’s actions and directives are similar to that of President Xi Jinping of China which contributed to the country’s swift response to the virus.

Speaking to the theme, COVID-19: Wuhan 76 Days after lockdown on Happy98.9FM’s Happy Morning Show, Ambassador Boateng said, “President Akufo-Addo is on the same trajectory that saved China. He has been firm and clear with his communication and if we as Ghanaians keep listening to the directives of the President, we will conquer the pandemic quickly.”

Ghana’s ambassador to China, H.E Edward Boateng

On his authority, the lack of clear leadership by some world leaders is why some of these countries are being down trodden by the virus. “The mad rush by some leaders to extradite their people out of China has contributed to the spread. The virus could’ve been contained and if we had all stayed put in china. It was fortunate the President told us to remain in China and that saved us a lot. If world leaders had taken his approach, we wouldn’t have a global pandemic on our laps now,” he noted.

H.E Edward Boateng went on to advise Ghanaians to regard the stay at home policy outlined by the President noting that, staying home was the sure way to cut the chain of transmission of the coronavirus.

He recommended the Ghanaian media for the excellent job being done to support government and educate citizens. He stated, “The Ghanaian media should keep on being clear with their messaging and help stop the spread and eventually nip it in the bud.”



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