UK coronavirus lockdown extended for three weeks as death count rises above 13,000


Britain will be in lockdown for at least six weeks after restrictions were doubled today by the government.

Boris Johnson’s stand-in Dominic Raab confirmed the drastic measures will go on another three weeks, until May 7 at the earliest.

That means police can still fine groups of two or more people for gathering outside, unless they’re from the same household.

And you can only leave home with a “reasonable excuse” – shopping for necessities, exercise once a day, a medical need or work where you have to.

But today’s extension doesn’t mean that the lockdown will end on May 8.

Mr Raab said the overall length of the lockdown could be around three months and warned it might only be “adjusted” rather than lifted altogether.

That means while schools may reopen in May or June, working from home could continue for a year.


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