COVID-19 Lockdown:Gov’t’s free meals rather promote spread of coronavirus – Van Vicker


Award-winning actor Van Vicker disagrees with the distribution of free meals by the government of Ghana to citizens amid the COVID-19 outbreak in Ghana.

Van Vicker believes the distribution of free meals will cause more harm than good.

According to the 42-year-old actor, the distribution method defeats the purpose of the exercise, adding that social distancing and precautionary measures are not observed.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday (April 15) he wrote: 

“I know here in Ghana our people mean well by helping to distribute food to the needy, excellent initiative. However, we might want to reconsider the food distribution method which seems to defeat the whole purpose of the exercise. It defeats social distancing; it defeats people gathering with no mask. It is rather promoting the spread of the virus, essentially. Extremely disquieting. I got the video I posted here as a forward and it pleased me so I decided to share hoping the right person sees it and change the food distribution method.”


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