Just In: EC “allegedly” holds training workshop despite court injunction


The Electoral Commission (EC) is allegedly engaging in its training workshop for its directors and deputies despite a court injunction secured by the Member of Parliament for Ningo-Prampram to stop them from doing so at Prampram.

The ex-parte injunction was granted by the Tema High Court.

The EC’s planned workshop for its directors and deputies was scheduled for April 24 to 29 at Prampram to discuss the compilation of a new voter register but the court put a stop to it.

On Saturday, 25 April 2020, Class News’ reporter reported that a suspicious meeting taking place at City Escape Hotel amidst heavy security is suspected to be that training workshop.

Mr Sam George and NDC parliamentary hopeful, John Dumelo, were at the venue to verify if the training was truly being held but was met by heavy security at the entrance.

Mr George took to Facebook to post the following:

“Every first-year law student knows that a court’s decision is in two parts – the reasoning and the order. They also know that the order depends on the reasoning. So, they know, too, that the way to understand the order is to find out the reasoning behind the order.

“When a court makes an order to you, the first thing that a prudent law-abiding person who is acting in good faith would do is to ask – what’s the basis for the court’s order? This question will automatically lead you to the reasoning part of the decision. In other words, the order must be read together with the reasoning.

“Now, let’s come to the issue: a court made an order for you to not do a particular thing. The basis of the order is that the thing you’re about to do is illegal. A thing is illegal if it violates a law. The laws in question – Act 1012, EI 64, EI 65 and EI 67 – are laws that apply to the whole of Ghana (not only Prampram Escape Hotel).

“Now, you have decided that you’ll interpret the order to suit your rogue behaviour which rogue behaviour led you to do the illegal thing in the first place. So you’re saying that the order means that you cannot do the illegal thing in Prampram Escape hotel, but you can do it in Ada, Ho, Western North or Accra Escape Hotel.

“Guess what, you’re not just a public official, you’re a public official who regularly makes rules to regulate people’s behaviour. In fact, you’re a lawyer and governance expert as well, a senior one at that. But you see, that is what power does. Power can trick you.

“GOD save the Republic!”

Meanwhile, the government’s ban on all social gatherings including meetings, seminars, workshops, funerals, festivals, church and mosque services is still in place.



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