Police hospital to hold mass burial for unidentified bodies


The Police Hospital Administration is to embark on a mass burial of some unclaimed and unidentified bodies in fourteen(14) days as part of routine measure to decongest the hospital Mortuary.

Read full statement below:

Image may contain: possible text that says 'Ref.No CANTONMENTS-A ALL MEDIA HOUSES BURIAL OF KNOWN UNIDENTIFIED BODIES Hospital embark mass some unclaimed unidentified bodies decongest hospital mortuary fourteen (14) days from the dissemination of this information. Generally, bodies are being released Public burials and funerals due the ban public Nonetheless, concerned an undertaking comply existing protocol adhere private burial permitted come for their bodies for the private burial. Such gathering should be assembling also respect social distancing. bodies are and buried without any delays. twenty-five (25) people existing protocol be taken casket YAW.NKEYIA-YEBOAH HEAD, GHANA POLICE HOSPITAL ACCRA'


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