Video: ‘Twerking nurse’ Wanted! as Nurses and Midwives’ Association declares nationwide search


The Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives’ Association has declared a nationwide search for the lady in nursing uniform who was filmed twerking in a video gone viral on social media.

The video which is about a minute long shows the lady twerking to the admiration of onlookers whose faces do not show but were heard talking in the background. The face of the ‘nurse’ is also not captured very well with her backside showing almost all through the film.

In a statement, the Council condemned the act and said its members are not authorized to undertake such actions.

“The GRNMA strongly disapproves of such capers by Nurses arid Midwives and regards the twerking in a professional uniform as unacceptable conduct and a disgrace to our noble profession Such practices do not reflect the ethos, etiquette and standards of our professions and therefore the GRNMA vehemently disassociates itself from the video.

“In view of the above, the leadership of the GRNMA is directing all District and Regional Executives as well as the general membership to assist in the identification of the said nurse, if indeed she is one, and provide the Head Office with any information that can assist in the investigation by contacting the GRNMA National Public Relation Officers,” a statement from the Association said.


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