First ever Apple tree discovered in Ghana(Photos)


An Apple tree has been discovered in Ghana for the first time ever as statement not based on any facts.

A tree of the fruit has been discovered at Wiamoase — a town in the Sekyere South district, a district in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

Photos of the tree have been shared by Facebook user “Barima Nana Osei Bonsu“.

Sharing the first photo of the tree on his handle, he wrote:

“When I was growing, I was told this tree can only survive outside Ghana but thanks be to God this Apple tree is producing it’s first fruit after five years it was cultivated in WIAMOASE-ASHANTI. GOD is indeed wonderful.”

Barima only heard about the tree so he decided to visit the house where the tree was growing and to his shock, there’s indeed an Apple tree.

He shared photos of himself posing with the tree and called on authorities to act fast so that if indeed Apple trees can thrive well in this part of Ghana, then, we can start cultivating it. This will go a long way to reduce the amount we import from other countries.

“So i made an earlier post of an apple tree bearing fruit in Ghana-wiamoase. We plead with authorities to come to the aid of the family to get all the needed medicines to keep this in shape.”, he wrote.

apple tree in ghana

Take a look at full photos below:

apple tree in ghana
apple tree in ghana

This latest discovery is quite surprising as Apples don’t thrive well in a tropical (hot and humid) climate as Ghana has.

Most of commercial apple tree varieties thrive in cold and wet climate, where a cold winter is followed by cool spring and summer. So it’s quite surprising that this Apple tree was able to grow and is even bearing fruits.


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