Vidoe: Another ‘apple’ tree discovered in Ghana


Another apple tree has been discovered in Ghana after the initial one turned out to be another species of fig.

A farmer in Abokobi in the Greater Accra Region recognized as Yaw Antwi Boadu has revealed that he has planted an apple tree in Ghana.

Reports went viral days ago that an apple tree had first survived in the country. It was discovered in Wiamoase but it later emerged that it wasn’t after authorities went to test it.

Also, the history of the Ghanaian lady who planted it popped up.

Yaw Antwi Boadu in an interview with Ghanaweb narrated how he started planting the apple fruit, which was believed to be unfriendly to the climatic conditions in Ghana.

He said:

“I started in 2017, I brought the first set of seedlings into the country, I planted, they all died. The manure that I put in the hole had not decomposed enough then so they all died. Then I brought another set, those set survived. Two of them started fruiting but they also died. I’m sure some pests of insects attacked them but this is the only one that is left now and this is the first fruit on it.” 

“I do it for fun. I have an app to just identify fruits or plants that I have…we can take a picture of the leaf or fruit and it will show you what it is. So that will give you that confidence…”

Authorities are yet to test his tree to see whether it is indeed an apple.

Watch The Video Below:



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