Some Personnel of Ghana Navy test Positive for coronavirus

Positive blood test result for the new rapidly spreading Coronavirus, originating in Wuhan, China

Some personnel of the Ghana Navy in the Western Region have tested positive for the coronavirus.

This was disclosed by the Western Naval Command, Commodre E. A Kwafo.

He has however failed to disclose the exact number of personnel who have been affected saying: ”“I do not want to go to numbers because you may test positive today in two weeks time you may test negative. And the one who has tested negative today, tomorrow may test negative. So it’s uncertain.”

He said those who have been affected have been isolated.

Explaining how the personnel got infected, he said they got infectedd in line of their duty.

“We provide security, for the nation at sea. We have to ensure the boarders are closed. So we come into contact with various vessels.

We go to sea to make sure that people on board other vessels don’t harm the interest of the state and by so doing, we expose ourselves,” he said.


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