Here are countries in Africa that are yet to record Coronavirus deaths(Full List )


Since the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Wuhan, China in December last year, the virus has spread as fast as wildfire as it wreaks havoc everywhere it goes.

However, some countries in Africa are yet to report a single casualty from the outbreak of the Coronavirus on the continent in February of this year.

According to figures from Worldometer,  global Coronavirus cases are currently at 6,327,725 with 375,911 deaths and 2,881,463 recoveries. The number of active cases globally stands at 3,070,351.

America has become the hardest hit as it has, as of today, recorded 1,845,873 COVID-19 cases with 106,492 deaths and 605,333 recovered. Active cases in America stands at 1,134,048.

When you come to Africa, the virus has not caused so much havoc as was predicted earlier by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other persons and institutions based on the continent’s poor health infrastructure.

As of today, total Coronavirus case count in Africa is 152,000 with 4,293 deaths and 64,995 recoveries. The number of active cases stands at 82,712.

South Africa is the worst affected with 34,357 total cases with 705 deaths and 17,291 recoveries. The number of active cases is at 16,361.

On the brighter side, there are some countries on the continent that have not recorded a single death due to Coronavirus since their first cases were recorded.

Check Full List Below:

  1. Uganda – 457 cases, 72 recovered, 0 deaths
  2. Ertitea – 39 case, 39 recoveries, 0 deaths
  3. Namibia – 25 cases, 16 recoveries, 0 deaths
  4. Seychelles – 11 cases, 11 recoveries, 0 deaths
  5. Lesotho – 2 cases, 1 recovered, 0 deaths


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