NDC Vice-Chairman gets new voter card in pilot exercise


The Volta Regional Vice-Chairman of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr George Loh, has taken part in Tuesday’s voter registration exercise in the region for a new voter card.

Mr Loh was there with some regional executives and members of the biggest opposition party to observe the process.

Speaking to Class News’ regional correspondent Albert Kuzor about his observations with the exercise after going through it, he said: “As you have seen, if the turnaround time is what it is with me, it means that not many people can be registered in a day”.

“And, also, the whole idea of social distancing; inasmuch as the officials have their face masks and things like that, you’d find that the distance, for me, is a bit problematic and when the crowd should come, there may be a little more chaos here”, he observed.

“[But] like I said, it’s a pilot, with pilots, particularly when it’s not a publicised pilot and it’s just journalists, EC officials… As you can see, the weather has started threatening already and things are flying off the table already”, Mr Loh said.

“Maybe, in an hour, if the rains come, it means that if it were an ordinary day, the exercise may come to an end or maybe machines would be moved into a room and it slows the system down”, he said.

“And, if they are to do that in 40 days, it’s going to be very problematic; how many people can they register? So, we still stand by some of the challenges we foresee and we are hopeful that we still have some time to go.

“The EC itself, will do some introspection and decide that as much as possible, we will use the best options available but for now, I have some few challenges as I’ve enumerated and we must deal with those challenges”, he noted.

The NDC has vehemently been opposed to the registration exercise along with some other opposition parties.


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