George Floyd memorial held in Minneapolis(Photos)


A service to commemorate George Floyd is being held in , the city where he died at the hands of police.

Following the reverend’s eulogy, the crowd stands and claps along to another round of gospel music.

After the lively chorus winds down, Reverend Sharpton calls for a moment of silence – for eight minutes and 46 seconds, the same amount of time George Floyd was on the ground with an officer’s knee on his neck.

George Floyd memorial service being held in Minneapolis today

“As you go through these long eight minutes, think about what George was going through laying there for those eight minutes, begging for his life,” Rev Sharpton says.

Hundreds Gather at a Memorial for George Floyd in Minneapolis ...

“We can’t let this go. We can’t keep living like this.”

Many members of the audience close their eyes, reach out to comfort each other, and bend their heads in prayer.

First in series of memorial services for George Floyd being held ...

“That’s a long time,” Rev Sharpton says after as attendees wipe away tears.

“There’s no excuse. They had enough time. Now what do we do with the time we have?”

George Floyd's Memorial Held at North Central University in ...

With a final benediction, the memorial service has now concluded.

He was ‘like a father figure’

George Floyd’s youngest brother, Rodney, says he was “like a father figure” who taught his brothers how to be men.

“He was teaching us how to be a man and he gave us a lot of great lessons,” Rodney says.

“He’d stand up for his family and friends and I wanted you to know that he’d stand up for any injustice for anyone.”

George Floyd memorial services, funeral to be held in Minnesota ...

Rodney pauses and asks with emotion: “Can y’all please say his name?”

The crowd responds: “George Floyd.”



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