Video: If your ex remains friends with you, he just wants to have sex – Kamasutra Queen


Ghanaian entrepreneur and sexpert, Kamasutra Queen, has opined that any man who remains friends with his ex is only looking to have sex with her again.

In an interview with Adwen, the Love Doctor on ‘In Bed with Adwen’ which airs on eTV Ghana, she stood in disagreement on the topic ‘Should you be friends with your ex’.

“If your ex remains friends with you, there’s a chance he will try to have sex with you again. You’ll realize conversations will keep leading to something else”, she said.

According to her, she cannot be friends with any ex of hers, and it is never something that she would endorse.
“We’re not friends but we’re not enemies. That’s it”.

Kamasutra Queen emphasized that once there is a breakup, for whatever reason, it proves that the two parties cannot be together, hence, there is no need to be friends. Also because it will not sit well with the new partner, and it does not make sense.

Source:eTV Ghana


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