If at age 25-38 you twerking, slaying for the gram and lying about your age,know menopause is very close -Actress to young girls


Nollywood actress and producer Sylvia Edem has urged young girls to set their priorities right before it is too late.

The actress took to her official Instagram page to share her words of advice to her fans and followers.

Sylvia said that if a young woman leaves what she is supposed to do at her youth for other irrelevant things, she may regret it later.

According to her, doing some things like caring for a child is not easy when a woman is in her 50s.

“Dear ladies, if at age 25-38, you are still prioritising the wrong things, for example, twerking, slaying for the gram, deceiving yourself with filter and lying about your age when deep down you know menopause is very close,” she said “Next time you see yourself prioritising the wrong things, doing school runs at 50 isn’t gonna be easy. Please do not feel attacked. While playing, remember to set your priorities right and have it at the back of your mind that you will need a hand that will help you genuinely in the future,” the producer concluded.


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