Coronavirus: We might soon see dead bodies litter our streets – Minority warns


The Minority in Parliament has warned that the country’s streets might soon be littered with dead bodies of victims of COVID-19.

According to the NDC MPs, their grim prediction is grounded in the failure of the government to deploy enough measures to contain the disease.

Coronavirus cases in Ghana have now reached 10,358, according to latest figures released by the Ghana Health Service.

The death toll still remains at 48 while 3,824 have now recovered from the highly infectious disease.

Active cases in Ghana now stands at 6,486.

There are reports that treatment centres are running out of space but the Ghana Health Service has denied such reports.

Addressing the media in Parliament on Thursday, the minority spokesperson on Health Kwabena Mintah Akandor argued the government has failed in the management of the COVID-19 crisis in Ghana.

“We think that the government at the moment has left all of us to our faith and there are no pragmatic measures in place to combat this particular virus. So looking at the trend, if we are not very careful at a point in time we will see more dead bodies in the streets just like we saw in other countries.

“People are moving about doing their normal activities as if there is absolutely nothing at stake and it is dangerous for this country.”


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