The youngest MP Francisca Oteng shares her unusual story, says she is single and still searching for ‘Mr Right’


Entered parliament at a very young age of 23, made her set a record of ever being the youngest to entered the legislative house.

It has been her dream to be a politician a sharp deviation from her father’s line of career as many billionaire daughter s and sons of today wishes to inherit their father’s companies as chief executive officer or more.

Growing up from a poor background in Manponteng in the Ashanti Region, gave her a roaming kind of educational journey as she started schooling from Roman preparatory school Manponteng to revival preparatory school Breman and finally supreme saviour international School where she completed primary six.

Angel educational complex and St. Rose senior high school gave her junior and senior high training respectively.

After completed KNUST, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a politician there by snatched the seat from the incumbent member of parliament in a shocking defeat in the NPP primaries.

She was full of praise to her Father Dr. Kweku Oteng for given her a good start but added she has now wined herself from her father’s assistance to also push forward to make a name for herself.

She was named the best performing MP of the New Patriotic Party in the Ashanti Region.

President Akufo-Addo also urged the people of Kwabre East constituency to retain
Ghana’s youngest Member of Parliament, Francisca Oteng Mensah in the upcoming parliamentary primaries.

Speaking on Adehye3 FM’s political show ;Ghana Ekosen, hosted by Daakyehene Snr, she bemoaned t “at the parliament especially, committee level, the male dominated the house most at times feels wisdom is in age and men only as sometimes this frustrating my effort in making contribution because they feel my level of experience is low a situation I have worked to prove them wrong as a member of the trade and industry, Tourism committee.

She said, others also tried to take advantage of her as a female to satisfy their insatiable desires before granting an assistance in one area or the other.

Speaking against that behavior, she admonished women to be mentally, emotionally and spiritually strong to know who they are and their worth to defeat that ungodly acts in men.

She added that, her father’s company has been of immense help in the employment of people from her constituency thereby providing jobs for them.

She said training seminar is in the pipeline to equip the youth in her constituency to become entrepreneurs but due to COVID- 19 she has put it on hold.

She describes her constituency as one of the biggest asides Oforikrom in the Region which comes with many tourist attractions as the famous Antoa deity is there, and weaving of Kente too is another avenue providing attraction for tourist.

She promised to harness all the tourism potential to the benefit of the people in the constituency and Ghana as a whole.

Touching on roads, she admits to having bad roads in her constituency but was quick to add that, lot of them have be awarded and work has commenced.

Commenting on her interpersonal relationship with the people in her constituency’s said the Lord has blessed her with humility and she doesn’t look at her background to Lord it over the people.

She denied the allegations that she is not in touch with her people, she said she has grown to accept critics from all corners as the job she finds herself opens her to that

 Finding out by the host what she wants to be remembered with when she is done serving the constituency’s said, she wants the best of roads, education and jobs for her people.

Digging into her private life, as the host wanted to know of her marital status, she stated, am single and still searching.

She is among the 65 MPs going unopposed.

Source: Adehye3 FM/Emmanuel Akwetteh


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