Anytime I don’t perform well during sex, my wife doesn’t cook for me – Husband cries out


An unhappy husband has taken to the mail of relationship coach, Joro Olumofin on how his wife doesn’t cook for him any time he doesn’t perform well in bed.

According to the man, he’s always left with no choice than to eat bread and sardine anytime he performs less than 5 minutes in bed.

Read his full mail below:

“I noticed Anytime I don’t perform well during sex my wife don’t cook for me in particular
Gd evening Joro, My wife doesn’t cook for me when I do anything less than 5 minutes during sex the thing is tiring me I swear to God As I am like that I’m very hungry.

This hunger is turning to Aggression how can I be married and still be eating bread and sardine everyday ?? If I die on top her trying to do Oga Orgasm she will remarry In 2 years change my children surname again She should take my 10 minutes like that Because I will live to see my daughters wedding Amen Everybody sex sex sex Wife sex side chick sex.

Sex is not an essential. Food is essential. This hunger is real. God help me. My head is paining me my head is shaking. God “


This man needs your advice, what do you have to tell him?


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