Ibrah One allegedly runs away from his house in Dansoman as BNI stormed there for investigation


After snitching on his friends and threaten to Kennedy Agyapong and the President with death, Ibrah One has left his Dansoman home and cannot be found.

Ibrah One in a post on his social media platform threatened the life of the president of the republic saying he would join the list of people who would die in three days.

This statement did not go down with a lot of people who saw it as lack of respect and a threat to the life of the president.

In view of this they have called on the national security to arrest Ibrah One for threatening to kill the president and make him face the law for spitting out such words especially about the first gentleman of the land.

In a post sighted by Pinaxonline, It is alleged that Ibrah One has left his home in Dansoman after BNI stormed there to Investigate him for fraud activities.


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