Kennedy Agyapong will die heartlessly in 2 days if. ….-Ibrah One hits back


Ibrah One is not slowing down on his attacks on Kennedy Agyapong as he has been doing for the past one week.

Barely 30 minutes after Kennedy Agyapong threatened to expose Ibrah One for his alleged money laundering activities, Ibrah Ibrah has hit back.

Ibrah One warned Kennedy Agyapong to apologize to him within the next two days or he will die on the 3rd day.

Ibrah One posted on his Snapchat handle:

Ibrah One’s attack comes just after Kennedy Agyapong revealed he will deal with Ibrah One for daring him.

Kennedy Agyapong revealed Ibrah One is a money launderer and he will have him arrested in 2 days’ time.


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