Statement: Congratulations to Ameyaw -Cheremeh;better luck next time Tuah-Yeboah – Sunyani East Constituency Comm. officer


The party has conducted the parliamentary primaries in the SUNYANI EAST CONSTITUENCY and I humbly urge the campaigners and supporters of the various contestants to be mindful of the fact that the use of intemperate language should not be the way to go.

We should not lose sight of the fact that the ones we attack, insult and use vitriolic expressions on are not aliens but our own party members.

We should try not to vilify one another, we should not peddle falsehoods against one another, the ones we castrate in the eyes of the general public are the same people we would have to appeal to to come and help prosecute the campaign agenda now that primaries is over.

If we lie against one another, insult one another and attack one another without any justifiable reasons, how do we appeal to one another to come onboard?

It is also important to note that after every primaries, wounds would have to be healed. This takes time, but we do not have time.

We cannot have the luxury of time to completely heal these wounds and bridge the gap created by our own actions and inactions.

It is for these reasons that I urge commentators, activists, campaign coordinators, strategists and supporters of the various aspirants to realize that we are of the same family and should not see one another as arch enemies.

Like I always say, we did not give birth to this political tradition, we are only part of it. Whatever we do to our aspirants, the insults, lies and denigrations, are done to ourselves and the party NPP.

Let’s remain focused with our jubilations, the reasons why delegates have chosen our parliamentary candidate without running down others unnecessarily, and that’s the only way we can ensure unity now that the primaries is over.

Congratulations Hon Kwasi Ameyaw -Cheremeh (605 valid votes Cast) and better luck next time Lawyer Alfred Tuah-Yeboah (246 valid votes cast)

Maxwell Mahama
SUNYANI East Constituency Communication Officer


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