“The lady who rejected you because you’re poor, won’t regret it” –Photographer


A Nigerian photographer has urged his fellow men to not be dismayed or be confused as if a lady leaves them because they’re “ratchet”, she’ll not regret it later in life.

As is usually portrayed in some Nollywood movies, when a lady jilts their boyfriend to be with someone richer than them but later regret it in the future and their estranged boyfriend becomes rich and all… @khalifa_shema asks his fellow men to do away with such mentality in reality.

According to him, if a lady leaves a broke guy, she won’t regret it but would rather find someone better and live a happily ever after life.

He shared his stance on his page and quite a number of people have agreed with him. He wrote,

“The babe that rejected you because you’re ratchet and poor is not a gold digger and will not regret it or suffer later in life, she’ll find her type and live happily ever after,
Stop watching Nollywood movies“


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