Stop spreading false news and fear about the church;COVID-19 did not originate from the church – Dr. Maxwell A. Hagan


Dr. Maxwell A. Hagan, the president of Dominion House Christian Center Worldwide -The Dominion City Missions Church (DCMC),has urged Ghanaians to stop spreading false news and fear about the church as COVID-19 did not originate from the church.

In a Facebook post,Dr. Maxwell A. Hagan said: “I want to state here that the church has been a great blessing to society at large. Every sincere person will accept this truth. However, the current hatred against the church especially the pastor’s is not right. In Ghana today, when pastors speak, they are misinterpreted and insulted. At the same time, we cry to God for blessings and prosperity in the land, after ridiculing His church. Is it reasonable?”

Read full text posted by Dr. Maxwell A. Hagan:


(A message to the Republic of Ghana)

We know that some do not like the church. It’s a fact and we are aware that some wish the church never re-opens. The hatred for JESUS CHRIST and the mockery at preachers keeps increasing by the day. Some media platforms have decided to make our men of God their breaking news. It seems some have a certain satisfaction when a preacher falls into trouble. Sadly, they do not know that they are been used by Satan. They feel they have all rights to insult pastors and the church since the masses cheer them up. However, these media houses should remind themselves of history …NO ONE FIGHTS THE CHURCH AND SUCCEEDS!

The world thinks God is not needed anymore. This is the pride that leads men to destruction. Creation can never be above its CREATOR! I want to state here that the church has been a great blessing to society at large. Every sincere person will accept this truth. However, the current hatred against the church especially the pastor’s is not right. In Ghana today, when pastors speak, they are misinterpreted and insulted. At the same time, we cry to God for blessings and prosperity in the land, after ridiculing His church. Is it reasonable?

Churches are willing to follow all laws given but to hate the church for our belief in Christ Jesus is unacceptable. To accuse our honorable men of God of speaking their humble opinions as citizens of Ghana is uncalled-for. Making people feel like the church is the breeding grounds of Coronavirus, reveals people’s hatred and ignorance about what the church truly is. Ironically this evil rumor has caused fear among some believers. They are happy going to the market, family gatherings, and political rallies where there is no social distancing BUT they are made to know that they will be infected when they go to church. Is this not what our honorable Bishop Dr. Charles Agyinasare and other matured statesmen are correcting? If so, why the insult?

Our elderly men of God who constantly intercede for Ghana are almost silent now, because of the insults people will rail on them if they dare give their opinions. I weep for Ghana. Where the nation is heading towards is dangerous. If our men of God and the elderly in the society cannot speak, then where are we heading towards? Is insult the new norm of communication in Ghana? Why has our beautiful culture almost sunk so low into a culture of insults; a strange culture? Do we hate ourselves that much that we won’t even accept the opinions of elders? Ghana has one of the best leaderships in the world but the silence against evil is tarnishing our image. It is almost accepted around the world that Ghanaians don’t love themselves because of the way we treat each other. We only pretend to be religious and accommodating before foreigners but behave differently towards our own.

NB: To our governments and leaders, if you encourage us to stick to online church services, why do you do political meetings and registrations openly, while at the same time breaking all measures you instituted? If only a few can attend church, why do you have hundreds in your political rallies? I do not write this against anyone but to express my humble opinion on things that matters. If the laws of a country are only obeyed by few then disorderliness and lack of progress shall never end.

As our leaders, we thank you for the good work and the effort you are making to keep us all safe. I want to believe that you love us and that is why you are doing your best. We are grateful. I know some of you are tired because of hard work, thinking, and much sleepless night. The fear of hearing another bad news has made you exhausted and stress-up. Many have already given up. This shows your love for your country, city, and community. However, it is time to speak up and defend and protect our elders from been ridiculed. Any nations that respect not their elderly have no legacy! It began from children disrespecting their elderly, now the same insolence has turned on our spiritual leaders, soon it will be against our political leaders and there will be no hope anymore.

Now to our government, I think your too many restrictions on the church are almost making us feel you have an unhealthy agenda though I stand corrected. DO YOU REMEMBER WHAT YOU TOLD US? You told us when we wash our hands, wear the mask, and use hand sanitizer we will be ok. We have done all that ‘yet the church is still blamed for what the church is helping solved. Some have died with their mask and sanitizers in their bags. So, what is wrong again?

I want to draw your attention that Satan the archenemy of humanity is behind this virus as Bishop Dr. Agyinasare confirmed, regardless of the scientific mistakes and explanations. Some said its human error in a lab that caused it. Regardless of who/what manufactured it, or how you call it, Satan is behind the panic and the destruction happening around the world today. If Ghana is a Christian /Religions Country where is our faith in God? Is closing the House of God and arresting God’s servants the solution to the pandemic? I humbly suggest that you consider turning to God at this time…. OPEN THE CHURCH…IT IS ESSENTIAL.

Hating the church and its leadership is a call to self-failure and destruction. To all political parties, the church has existed before your arrival, and I pray history will not remember you as leaders who fought against the church; that will not be a good story before heaven and earth. Generations will forever remember your pride and not your good works. Though some of you hate God and make a mockery of Him, He is a loving father who forgives. He made the universe and has the power to make it better when we repent and call upon Him. Let’s give God the honor due Him and save ourselves from our pride and arrogance. RESTRICTING THE CHURCH AFTER OBSERVING ALL PROTOCOLS MAY SCORE YOU POLITICAL POINTS BUT MAY NEVER GIVE YOU PEACE… don’t forget King Herod, Pharaoh of Egypt and what happened to leaders who made it their goal to eliminate the church. Sadly, SOME LEADERS ARE NOT AFRAID TO LOSE GOD BUT THEY ARE AFRAID TO LOSE THE PUBLIC TRUST and THEIR POLITICAL VOTES. Therefore, they WILL RATHER REJECT GOD THAN TO LOSE THE NEXT ELECTION. This is why the world still suffers today! May God have mercy!

To our honorable leaders, I know you want the credit that you did it, so you are forcing yourself to gain such favors, but God does not share His glorious acts with people. PLEASE LET GOD ALMIGHTY DO WHAT HE ALONE CAN DO!

2 Chronicles 7:14: If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land


In my opinion, since markets and night clubs can be opened with special measures, why don’t you open God’s House with the same good measures you have? Is it because you have no faith in God or you do not value the power of prayer? Or the church is not disciplined enough to observe these measures?

FEAR KILLS… Do you know that the fear of Coronavirus itself is killing people? The media has magnified the virus beyond reality. Those who are dead are normally announced on the media than the many who survives. To some, surviving is not news but dying. This is why you must allow the church to play our role of counseling, loving, feeding, encouraging, giving hope and healing, etc., these drive out fear. Hope you consider the role of the church too respectfully.


Regardless of your denomination and doctrines, your wealth, and influence, we are/were all locked down. I believe if our governments had seen genuine power demonstrated, they would have turned to God for help. But sadly, some don’t even consider the church as a place of hope and restoration. They have seen us (preachers) fighting among ourselves, backbiting each other and pulling each other down before them, so they don’t see the reason to trust in our God after displaying such an unhealthy character. If they form a committee with preachers, they are not sure if we can still unite to fight this cause. Again, since some preachers have fallen and tuned their ministries into political and money-minded ministries, our governments have no faith in our God anymore. I believe it’s time to put aside our denominational differences and opinions and call upon God on behalf of the nations. OPEN CHURCHES WITH THESE MANY RESTRICTIONS ARE ALMOST AS CLOSED CHURCHES. This should teach us (pastors) about the powerless state of our ministries.

One political leader told a group of preachers, “If you pastors are anointed why you are all running away from this virus! Why are you even afraid to touch someone? Where is the power you preach about, you can’t heal this virus too? How do you expect us to believe your God?”

As much as we are to protect ourselves as preachers and observe the advice, we are not of them that fear but rather we are “hope-givers”. It is time for the Christian Council, Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council, etc. to rise up and speak as spiritual authorities of the nation. Other distinguished religious leaders must arise and condemn the culture of insults that is spreading in Ghana like wildfire. If not, we may one day have a silent nation where our advisers will watch as things gets out of hand.

My dear friend, it is time to call upon God for the anointing that will prove to the world that indeed there is God who answers by fire! Finally, I pray for our leaders to turn to God at this time. Strategies work but it has a limit. If you are still tired and exhausted, please call on the name of the LORD JESUS …and He will answer.

Do not forget that…..The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him.

God bless you for considering my humble appeal. We are praying for Ghana and the nations of the world and all and our courageous frontlines. We love you in Christ Jesus!

Bishop Maxwell Hagan


Copyright@ 2020 , The Culture of Insults , Dr. Maxwell A. Hagan.



  1. Great wisdom to the Leadership of our country, our honorable men of God and the CHURCH. The church has to rise and be bold as lion and roar.
    I believe this is a sure instruction the Lord has channeled through His humble servant.


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