PRIBET Group of Companies to create 5,000 jobs in Bono Region


Mr. Prince Lamptey Tetteh, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) PRIBET Group of Companies, has disclosed that efforts have been put in place to create five thousand (5,000) jobs to reduce the unemployment situation in Bono region by next year 2021.

“We have put everything in place to begin the construction of rubber factory in Sunyani by the end of 2021, the project, when completed, will create 5,000 jobs for the people in the Bono region and increase the production capacity of the rubber producer”.

Pribet Group of Companies so far created jobs for about 1200 people and planning to increase the numbers by 2021

Pribet Group of Companies is a multi-disciplinary construction and general merchant business firm with expertise in building/civil engineering, security services, multimedia, energy production, agricultural, travel and tours, importation of fuel, technology and IT solutions.

With branches in Portugal(Europe), Guinéa-Bissau and Ghana(Africa branches), Pribet is the local partner for Karpower; providing electricity for the whole of Guinea-Bissau.

With branches in Portugal (Europe), Guinea-Bissau and Ghana (Africa branches), Pribet is the local partner for Karpower; providing electricity for the whole of Guinea-Bissau.

Mr. Prince Lamptey Tetteh left Europe in 2011 to Guinea-Bissau to for greener pasture there failed.

Born in the Bono region, Mr. Lamptey Tetteh might still be a long way from reaching his peak, but he has already made each and every Ghanaian and African very proud with his business mindset.

He has proven beyond reasonable doubt that doing business in Africa is the best option one can have and really do great and earn good income.

According to him, through perseverance, hard work, honesty and God fearing one can make it in life no matter where he or she finds his or herself.“I started life in Guinea Bissau with a small beauty salon but had ended up owing a lot of companies across the Africa Continent”, he said and added that “together we can make Africa a better place for ourselves”.

“Through these years I have tasted hardship and success and there are something’s that has guided me through this journey which is determination, hard work, honesty and the fear of God. I believe that anybody who wants to make it the top, you need these things to guide you. I have a very good relationship with my employees and I treat them with uttermost respect and because of that they have a good relationship with me and it has been one of the contributing factors to where I am today”, he added.

“Together we can make Africa a better place for ourselves”, he stated.


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