If your husband travels for more than three years, leave the marriage – Pastor advises


Rev. Nyansa Boakwa, a man of God and host of Happy Fm’s religious programme ‘Nsem Pii’, insists that if a man travels and stays as long as three years away from his wife, the marriage should be dissolved.

He said on eTV Ghana’s In Bed with Adwen during a discussion about ‘Masturbation’ with host, Adwen, the Love Doctor that masturbation is wrong and should never be done whether alone or on phone with one’s partner.

“If you’re even living with your wife and for a period, you haven’t had sex, that is not marriage. So if you’re listening to me and you’ve allowed a man to marry you only for him to leave your side for ten years, you will be here alone till you grow old and die. Leave that marriage”, he exclaimed.

Per Rev. Nyansa’s view, marriage is only valid when there is a consummation of the marriage, and when the man and his wife share the same bed. He also noted that in marriage, the least number of times a couple should have sex within a week is four or five times.

“If you marry a woman and you have to travel, take her along. If you leave her behind, marry another wife there and let her also marry someone else here”, the pastor further added.

Source : etvghana


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