Video: Here are ‘mind-blowing sex’ tips for the Physically challenged-Sex coach shares


Sex coach, Dzifa Sweetness, has shared some tips for persons with disabilities (PWD) to note so as to be able to give their partners mind-blowing sex.

First, she noted that it is very important to have self-confidence. According to her, the level of self-confidence that a disabled man approaches a woman with can make her even overlook the fact that he is disabled.

“When we talk of sex, the first thing to do as a disabled person is to have self-confidence. You need to believe in yourself and know that even though you’re disabled, you’re not dead. There are things that disabled people can do that a normal person cannot do”, she said.

Also, she stated that when it gets to sex, the disabled person must concentrate on what he is about to do.

Dzifa furthered, “Communication is important. A disabled man can perform in doggy position. If there is communication and understanding, the woman will compromise and there’s a way that she can do the doggy”.

According to the sex coach, if there is understanding, the man can sit on the bed or in his wheelchair while the lady rides him with her back facing him.

Dzifa Sweetness concluded that there is a term known as ‘return-lovemaking’ and this requires that the disabled partner (if his disability is with his legs), make use of his hands and make love to his partner in missionary position.


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