Bono region records 50 road accident deaths


A total of fifty (50) persons lost their lives through road crashes in Bono Region between January and June2019, the Bono regional Police Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) has revealed.

According to Bono Regional Commander of the Motor Traffic and Transport Department of the Ghana Police Service, Superintendent Stephen Tenkorang, the number of deaths recorded this year reduced as compared to the 2019 death toll of 60 within the same period.

The Superintendent Stephen Tenkorang, disclosed this during in an interview with Kwabena Obeng Akrofi on BATV, ME MAN NTI show.

“Statistics detected that, the region recorded Forty-seven (47) fatal accident last year and forty-one (41) in 2020, forty-seven(47) serious cases, minor 37 , commercial  cars eighty one (81), private cars forty (44), moto Bike fifty-one (51) and injuries one hundred and eighty three (183) by which sixty (60)  killed  in 2019 as compared to serious cases 36, minor, minor 50, private cars sixty-two (62), commercial vehicle seventy- one (71), moto Bikes seventy- six ( 76), injuries  One hundred and twenty- three (123) by which 50 persons were killed” he stated.

Superintendent Tenkorang noted that road accidents have reduced due to the hard work and dedication by security officials by which drivers also listened to their education and teachings which yield result.

“Because of COVID-19 disease, now it is very difficult for us to operate and embarked on our normal duties like checking drivers on road to ensure safety. Wrong parking and unapproved car stations are our major challenges we are facing in the region, he added.

He advised drivers to ensure regular maintenance of their vehicles, stop over speeding and overtaking.

Source: BA TV


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