Sunyani MCE condemns lynching of 90-year-old woman


The Municipal Chief Executive for Sunyani, Hon Justina Owusu Banahene, who before her appointment, was the Deputy National Women’s Organizer for NPP, has in no uncertain terms condemned the lynching of the ninety year old woman which eventually resulted in her demise.

According to the Hon. Municipal Chief Executive for Sunyani, it’s a pity and inhuman for a reasonable being to attack a fellow human being based on the mere fact that a prophetess accused someone of being a witch.

What makes it more condemnable is the fact that the prophecy and the physical attack were all carried out by women most of who may be the old woman’s own children.

“Everyone prays for long life, so when did it become a crime for someone to attain ninety years, she quizzed.

Awo, as she is affectionately called, used the opportunity to advise the youth especially females to desist from the habit of accusing every old woman in their families of being witch a and therefore responsible for every misfortune that befall them as they may also grow old one day.

MCE called on security agencies to conduct thorough investigation into the matter to ensure the perpetrators of this hideous crime are brought to book.

She also sent her deepest condolences to the innocent members the bereaved family and the entire womanhood.


An old woman believed to be in her 90s has been lynched at Kafaba, a village nestled within the Savanna Region.

She was accused of witchcraft by a seer, who had been invited by the villagers to help them drive away their misfortunes.

Scores of the locals watched aloof as two women flogged and bludgeoned the helpless grandmother despite her pleas of innocence.

The heart-wrenching video was first published by Accra-based TV3.

Source: Clement Bonsu
MCE’s Special Aid


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