2020 Polls: NDC inaugurates Bono Regional campaign team (Full List)


The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Bono Region has inaugurated a 41-member campaign team for the 2020 presidential and parliamentary elections.

The campaign team according to the Party would be responsible for all the campaign activities of the Party in the Region and will help the party to get back to power.

The campaign team was inaugurated by the General Secretary for NDC, Aseidu Nketia at the NDC regional office in Sunyani.

Speaking to the media during the inauguration stated that, NDC lost the 2016 election because the campaign team was weak and few members were participating so he urged the members to be alert to ensure a resounding victory for the Party in the December polls.

The General Secretary said the team should have a strong four team including, security and intelligent committee, Election operations committee, communications and media relations committee and special constituency committee which will boost their campaign.

He also advises them to be in good relationships with the media since the media is part of the party and also urged not to forget house to house campaign since there won’t be much rally due to covid-19.

Meanwhile, Hon. Ahmed Ibrahim MP for Banda also lament on the incident that occurred during the registration.

He stated that, the 66 Ivorian were able to registered under the protection of the military.

The MP stated that, the NDC will do press conference and bring out the truth behind the Banda incident.

He also called on the media to do more investigations in this case and not to allow any political party to lure them with money.

Below are members of the campaign team:


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