Foreplay does not start in the bedroom – Sex coach


Ghanaian sex coach, Akosua Davis has stated that the act of foreplay does not exactly start in the bedroom or even when the partners are together.

She told Adwen the love doctor on eTV Ghana’s adult show ‘In Bed With Adwen’ that foreplay starts in the brain, hence wherever the person is or how far apart partners are, they can start foreplay with each other mentally.

She employed pleasure massage therapist, Ransford Afari’s definition of foreplay as a mutual sexual activity that happens before sexual intercourse, thus likening foreplay to an appetizer that is taken before lunch, dinner or any main meal.

“Foreplay doesn’t start in the bedroom. Before you even enter the room or touch the bed, both partners should have already done their foreplay in their minds”, she said.

According to Akosua, sex does not have to be the final stage of love-making, hence if foreplay is done properly, both parties can reach climax and be satisfied even without having to do any penetration.


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