I have committed nine abortions; my first in JHS 1- Woman shares her story


A woman, who is now with one child, has confessed to Rev. Nyansa Boakwa on Happy FM’s religious and social programme ‘Nsem Pii’, the story about how she committed nine abortions; her first in JHS 1.

She narrated in a phone interview on the ‘Bone Ka’ segment of the show that she was very young when her mother died, hence she was sent to live with her auntie where she started schooling. In JHS1, she had a boyfriend whom she got pregnant for, however, the boy decided that they could not keep the pregnancy.

“The pregnancy was three months old before I went to the hospital to get rid of it. The second time, it was with a random friend who asked me to come and see where he lives so I went there and he forcefully had sex with me and I got pregnant again”, she said.

The woman continued that the issue of her pregnancy became a complicated one, hence her auntie took charge and helped her get rid of it. Her JHS boyfriend, although they had broken up, came back into her life at some point and they started their relationship again.

This, according to her, led to her third pregnancy and it has been the same situation over and over again for nine consecutive times. The woman wept all through her narration and admitted that life has been very difficult for her since she committed these abortions.


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