Breast cancer does not only stay in the breasts – Doctor informs


Dr. Ruth Sam, a licensed medical doctor at Healthnet has disclosed during an in-depth discussion on breast cancer that the disease does not only stay in the breasts.

She revealed on the African Women’s Voices show on eTV Ghana that breast cancer is not limited to staying in the breast, hence, if it is not checked, could spread to other parts of the body.
“The area below your collar bone, including your armpits, you must try to palpate it, that is, feel for any mass there because of what we call the lymph nodes that drain the breast”, she advised.

Dr. Ruth made this disclosure while detailing how one can detect breast cancer through the self-examination process, as well as signs to look out for on the skin.

“Every time, try and inspect your breasts because there are some changes that can occur on the skin. You can look out for the peeling that looks like a rash. Anytime you see this sort of peeling, it’s something that you must quickly go to the hospital to have checked.

You can also have cramping and bleeding. Any discharge from the nipple apart from breastmilk should be checked. Even, if you see Breastmilk while you’re not breastfeeding, please report to the hospital”, she said.

Ruth Sam continued that women should look out for their breasts appearing to look like “peau d’orange” which is French for orange peel, where the breasts look somewhat dotted. She further mentioned nipple retraction, which is quite self-explanatory, as another symptom to look out for.

The doctor again advised, “This is why it’s good to always stand in front of the mirror raise your hands slowly above your head so that if there’s any change, you can easily detect it”.

She noted in conclusion that the breast cancer self-examination is something that should be done regularly so that it can be easily detected once there is a growing lump or any sign of the deadly disease.


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